Linda May 1st, 2017

If there is the tiniest positive thing that can come from Charlie's tragic story it's that Take Me Out is watched by thousands of young people and this will have raised awareness of the massive effect that mental illness has not only on the sufferer but on their loved ones too, often (as in this case) with tragic results. I have a 24 year old son and this has reminded me that I should look out for his mental wellbeing as well as his physical wellbeing. When I saw Charlie's happy, smiling handsome young face on to I was reminded somewhat of Robin Williams, who was always smiling and brought so much happiness and laughter to millions, but only after his tragic death did we realise he was a tortured soul inside, who sadly chose to end his suffering when it got too much. Charlie is at peace now, I pray his family & friends will find their own peace in time x